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RESTORING THE LEVITES and teaching the POWER BEHIND MUSIC is our aim...

The Levites were a tribe from the 12 tribes of Israel who had the responsibility to lift up Praise and Worship to God whilst leading the people. They were highly skilled spiritual musicians who knew their purpose and were anointed to prophesy through their music. They were a tribe set apart to do God’s work - this went as far as carrying the holy tabernacle and leading the procession, a responsibility the rest of the tribes of the Israel were not commissioned to do (1 Chronicles. 23:1-6, 25-27 and 25:1-7). ‘Divine Keys’ is dedicated to following this biblical pattern by preparing musicians to find their calling and purpose from God in order to be spiritual musicians - setting themselves apart for God and living a Holy life that pleases Him. This involves bible studies based upon sound doctrine into the root of Gospel music - how it can be classified as sacred music and how Lucifer the fallen angel was a musician and what they means for musicians as a whole. Also to further instil in each musician/artist the importance of being careful in what they do as Lucifer is not happy that they, as the Children of God, have taken his place as worshipers. Along with teachings on the biblical foundations of music, Divine Keys are dedicated to spending a vast amount of time developing and improving skills within each individual.

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