All I Have I Pour It Out

The song was inspired by Idrees’ friends and family encouraging him to record and release piano music they can pray, read, reflect and relax to. He set himself a challenge to release a piano piece in September 2019. He sat at my piano and started recording without any filter, just played what came into his heart, hence the name ‘All I have I pour it out’. Idrees' reason for the title was because he felt like he really poured hiself out in this piano piece, he took of his masks, pushed past the fears and just played what came through his fingers.

If you would like to download or stream the song please feel free to use any of the links below or search your favorite music application. Whatever you decide we at Divine Keys appreciate the support and pray deeply that you are really blessed by this Piano Piece.

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Story Behind All I Have I Pour It Out Piano Piece
Fear is a barrier that hinders one from doing what they want/need to to do. - Leke Oloyede

So for a long time I have had the desire to do creative things, start businesses or even work on inventions that I have thought of, and for a long time I have talked myself out of doing any of these things. Actually to be precise from the age of 16 (those who know my real age know lol) I have always felt and talked to myself about not being good enough and not skilled enough, for a long time I have done nothing with what I have been given. I have just compared myself to others and said ‘naaa I’ll let someone else do it’. Even when people nominate or recommend for stuff I’ll shy away or get them to be quiet so I am not nominated, and why?? Because I felt I wasn’t good enough or I will fail at it and everyone will see 'he is a FAKE'. Lool dang.. this was the dialogue in my head. There are so many people better than me, so why bother? Again this was all happening in my head.

There were two things that have allowed me to push through to where I am now.

1. People who have stood by me, encouraged me and reminded me of what God has placed in me. I remember one time when I was with a group of youths from different churches trying to put on an event, they asked for different people to led different parts of the event, they asked for a vocal director and music director, I was so reluctant to put myself forward. Obviously people knew each other in this group already so they were nominating each other and paid me no mind (to be fair they didn’t really know me), they had almost finished deciding and one of my friends called out, ‘hold on wait, Leke should be part of this, He is the choir director of his Church.’ At that moment I was like, ‘no it’s cool’, using my hands to gesture stop. They gave me the position as vocal director, now that would’ve never have happened if my friend didn’t vouch for me or saw something in me that I didn’t see, that he knew I could do.

2. It has only taken the grace of God for me to understand that God had and has created me uniquely, gifted and well prepared to release what he has placed in me. It has really taken me time for me to see myself the way God sees me. There was a reason why I was filled with all these ideas, business ideas and creative ideas, there are reasons why I thought so differently to other people. God has been so good to me, reminding me so much of HIS LOVE. He is teaching me to honour my gifts and talents, he is helping me understand that I am allowed to be who HE has created me to be.

So first NOW, I am #OverComingFear and two I am releasing something, coming from my heart hence the title ‘All I have I Pour It Out’.



Big thank you to Isaac Kola Busari from IKB Media Group who made the artwork. Check out their website,