Shaphak Piano Album

So I want this journey to be #OurJourney together, where we can find #Rest but also a place where we can say #JustLetMeCryOut so we can step into #TheExchange that takes place when we are honest with ourselves. We can always find that there is. #HopeInBrokenHearts and #Cycles break in #TheCrushing which will lead to phrases such as there is #NoneLikeYou. There is #Grace even when phrases such as #ILoveYouButDontHideAnymore is said and shared with us. I hope this album gives you permission to #WanderOrWonder to a place where you can say #AllIHaveIPourItOut (#Shaphak)...

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Story Behind Shaphak

Coming soon!!!


Amazing Artwork (actual painting) by @stephen.sealy of @caricaturebystephen