The Word and Me Piano Piece

So 2021 starts with a new Journey of music from Idrees Oloyede and this is the first one. A piece written in August 2020 now being released to the world. The word and Me, a journey with God. What would you use this piano piece for?

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After the release of Idrees’ debut album, Shaphak, which was described as, ‘beautifully arranged set that addresses different topics and human experiences of knowing God’ from a review written by Mike Jariyaphruttipong of astepfwd, Idrees decided to compose a longer piece after many requests.

The Word and Me, Piano piece was birthed in August 2020 when Idrees recorded a sermon (during the pandemic of 2020, and churches moved to online services) with the same title and desired to have music played underneath it. Idrees sat with the sermon and ebbed and flowed with the nuances of the words being spoken. Since then, this particular piece has been used for various things, such as the intro to the WCC online services, the bed music for Pastor Kelly’s (WCC) sermons to name a few.

This particular piece was created to allow one to have a peaceful time and to bring peace to times that seem turbulent. Be it having your quiet time with the Lord, reading your bible or just wanting something soft to go to bed to, The Word and Me piano piece takes you to a place where you can be alone with the Lord. The only question now is…

What would you use this Piano piece for?

Background was drawn and painted by Francess Felix -